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John Pomeroy & Friends is owned and operated by John Pomeroy & Daniel Tibbits in beautiful Naples, Florida. We partner with many different friends and associates to help us realize the work we do. Check out the links below.

John Pomeroy is mostly self-taught in all of the creative endeavors.  The fine art training he did receive came from his late father, Detroit/Naples fine artist/illustrator, Jack Pomeroy, who taught him how to sketch properly and SEE like an artist. More recently John has studied with and been inspired by Naples/Montreal artist Carmelo Blandino.

  Born and early upbringing in Birmingham, MI. moved to Naples, FL in 1969 at age 14. Graduated from Naples High School 1973, then to University of Florida, in Gainesville to study Architecture & Fine Art.  Since 1984 John has been the Art Director for Thomas Riley Artisans’ Guild(TRAG), overseeing as many as 40 muralists, faux artists, and decorative craft persons, designing and creating all manner of art for some of the finest homes in the world. He also completed several oil paintings of his own during that time. Becoming an independent artist in 2006 he has dedicated an ever increasing amount of time to that pursuit while still maintaining an alliance with TRAG.

Originally a realist, his painting style is evolving to include a more expressive Impressionistic edge. Being an accomplished vocalist/musician/composer as well as a fine artist and filmmaker/photographer, he sees many parallels between these arts. He says he hopes that he will never stop evolving, as an artist, as a musician, and as a human being.